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Adult volunteer registration is live at: Our child registration fee is only $25 for the 7 weeks of programming that we are doing on Thursdays from July 11th-August22nd!!! Coach information is on the volunteer coach tab. Child information and our team handbook is on the Kids Enrollment tab. We will have in person child registration at the North Country Store on May 1st and 2nd from 5-6PM. 

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Enhancing the Lives of Children

The North Country Adventure Team is excited to announce the start of our first season of
adventure bicycle recreation out of Philadelphia, NY for the summer of 2024! We are a DBA business organization that is currently filing for nonprofit status. We will be organizing adventure bicycle rides one day a week for 7 weeks starting at the beginning of July 2024 during school summer break. Groups of eight children ages 5-18 will be led by 2-3 adults, who have passed a background check and have completed a training session, on 2 hour adventure rides. We will be joining with the 906 Adventure Team after becoming a non-profit, who have 9 years of experience and accommodate over 800 children. You can look them up at to see the success that we aspire to have one day!

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We firmly believe that kids need adventure teams! It gives them a sense of belonging, provides challenges, and develops grit and independence. We have to learn to face adversity by being presented with it at a young age. Life is an adventure; kids need to be prepared and equipped to face adversity. It's not about the bike for us nor is it about a race or a game. It's about kids having the space and time to discover a version of themselves that they didn't know existed. It's about creating a sense of identity, community, and helping kids begin to see themselves as someone who can overcome challenges.

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If you would like to support our program, please make a check payable to North Country

Adventure Team and send to 34507 Carpenter Rd. Antwerp, NY 13608, or contact us for a cash donation. Please email us at if you have any questions!!! Any and all support is greatly appreciated! Thank you for reading this and we hope that you will support us and our pledge to make positive change in our community!!!

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